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Living the 24/7 D/s relationship
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in For those in or interested in living the 24/7 D/s' LiveJournal:

Monday, April 5th, 2010
11:42 am
being cut in half . a slave's story of having a Hemicorporectomy
Hello Everyone, I am writing this to help people catch up with what is going on with me.
You might have read that back in Oct i got sick and had to go to the hospital. they found that i had Osteomyelitis in my hips, pelvis and a few vertebrae. Up to the L5 vertebrae). I came home med of Nov with an iv and taking medicines. Well i kept having sinus wounds popping open so on April 5th i came to Albany medical Center in Albany NY. After looking me over and finding out the same things. The recommended i get an operation called a Hemicorporectomy It has only been done 60 times in the world. I was told without this i would die soon from Osteomyelitis and or MRSA going to my heart and or blood stream and die or it would eat more and more up my spine till all i could do is lay and move my eyes. I have been in a wheelchair since age 2 but done well. Had 3 kids and a normal life,hard and abusive at times but still normal. 6 years ago i meet Lord Laraby and we live together he is my Master, Friend, Doctor, you name it. He has done wonders for me over the 6 years. but anyways back to April 5 so they offer me this Hemicorporectomy operation which would mean rerouting my bowels to my stomach and rerouting my urinary to my stomach. Then they would remove all of my from L5 vertebrae up. Would be my legs, hips, pelvis, butt, anus and all sexual parts inside and outside. I have decided to have the operation. I truly don't feel i have a choice. I have my hard times and i cry a lot but i know i can get through this. Master is being wonderful and helping all he can. I am still in the hospital . Aprile 13th they will do the first part of the operation which is the rerouting part then in May the Hemicorporectomy will be done and maybe my breast pulled up and made small a few weeks after that. Then once held on to rehab for 2-4 months. I have decided to keep a blog of this journey as i could not find any from others to help me through this i want to leave something to help the next person. I would ask that you please visit my site and join up . you may leave Messages there . It is hard to get to Lifejournal but i finally got here. Hospital fire wall is odd.

I hope to hear from some of you. once you sign up be sure to verify your email addy.
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
4:14 pm
Leather Radio Network
LRN has uploaded several new episodes, some announcements, a podcast on Leathers, and boy's Training camp in Phoenix  and more to come.  Subscribe today to the Leather Radio Network!  
The Leather Radio Network is a podcast for the leather lifestyle.  If you are a Leatherman or woman, A Master or an Owner of an erotic slave or just enjoy kinky sex then this podcast will have something for you.  LRN is meant to be a short bi-monthly podcast bringing you special interviews and news as well as candid discussion about the subjects you as a Leather person want to hear about. The best part about LRN is that its FREE !!!

LRN can be found on
www.iTunes.com , and www.podcast411.com, just search for Leather Podcast, Leather Radio Network, or Master Bob and subscribe!!  You do not need an iPod or MP3 player to hear the Leather Radio Network, nope all you need is a media player on your computer and just download the file from the site you choose.  iTunes is free to download and does not require an account to receive the free podcast, or you can download directly from the LRN website, http://leatherpodcast.libsyn.com or http://leatherpodcast.libsyn.com/rss to subscribe.

 I hope you will join us on the Leather Radio Network.  If you would like to hear your event, meeting, or  special occasion announced on LRN, or would like to hear discussion on a topic, then just send me an email at 
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Please Cross Post as much as possible !!!

Monday, April 17th, 2006
9:14 am
For the seven of us left...
I was handed maintainer status of this group while I was taking a sabbatical from LJ several weeks ago (more specifically, I'd given it up for Lent on a whim). I've just come back, and look forward to working on building an actual community here.

Thanks for sticking around!
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
11:42 pm
I start this up and then forget to post in it, very clever of me..
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